SWIR Vision Announces Capability for Consumer and Automotive Sensing Systems

SWIR Vision Announces Capability for Consumer and Automotive Sensing Systems

Solution for longer range, sunlight compatible, AR/VR and mobile device 3D depth sensing

RESEARCH TRIANGLE PARK, NC, April 4th, 2022 – SWIR Vision Systems Inc. today announced breakthrough capability for its quantum dot based short wavelength infrared (SWIR) sensor technology. The company’s latest advancements, reported in a paper presented by the company at the Defense and Commercial Sensing International tradeshow in Orlando Florida, include a demonstration of sub-5 nanosecond sensor response times in their short wavelength colloidal quantum dot infrared sensors. “This new capability will enable next generation automotive SWIR LIDAR systems and direct time-of-flight (ToF) 3D image sensors for AR/VR applications,” commented Dr. Ethan Klem, SWIR Vision System’s Chief Technology Officer.

SWIR Vision’s paper presented by Dr. Klem at the SPIE Defense and Commercial Sensing International tradeshow on April 3rd, details the company’s advancements in bandwidth performance, the engineering of its CQD® sensor technology for high temperature environments, and its high definition SWIR image sensor performance. The company is actively engaging consumer electronics OEMs, sensor OEMs, CMOS sensor foundry partners, and automotive LIDAR companies; developing key partnerships to further commercialize the technology.

SWIR Vision Systems is the first company in the world to commercialize quantum dot-based image sensor technology. The company has previously introduced the world’s highest resolution, 2.1 megapixel SWIR cameras. The cameras, in production since 2018, are an integral part of several high growth infrared inspection systems in the industrial sensing, consumer electronics, and semiconductor chip making industry.

“The company’s CQD quantum dot sensor technology has already enabled the commercialization of high resolution 2D SWIR cameras, and now it promises to provide a solution to the challenge of ToF depth sensing in bright sunlight conditions and over longer ranges,” commented George Wildeman, CEO of SWIR Vision Systems. “Our customers and partners are guiding us to apply our CQD sensor technology to solve their next generation gesture recognition, under-display SWIR imagers, and LIDAR system challenges.”

About SWIR Vision Systems – SWIR Vision Systems, a North Carolina-based startup company, pioneers high definition, colloidal quantum dot infrared image sensor technology for infrared cameras, delivering breakthrough sensor capability. Imaging in the short wavelength infrared is critical for key applications within the industrial, mobile phone, and autonomous vehicle markets. The company manufactures and exports its EAR-99 designated Acuros CQD SWIR cameras from its operations center in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA.

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