From machine vision to laser beam profiling, you will find our SWIR cameras capable of a vast array of feats.

Our top-of-the-line Acuros SWIR cameras and sensors provide the most advanced options in SWIR sensing over a spectrum of imaging situations. You’ll benefit from significant customization capabilities able to define image quality and refine your system down to the smallest critical detail.

Machine Vision Imaging

Machine Vision imaging necessitates cameras that can effectively detect and analyze minute defects, operate at high frames, and capture a broad field of view. In the industrial context, it is essential to for cameras to achieve optimal cost efficiency per megapixel. Acuros CQD technology provides higher resolution than InGaAs SWIR camera technology – now the top choice on the market for short wavelength infrared machine vision cameras, sensors, and applications.

Silicon Inspection

Short-wavelength infrared (SWIR) light exhibits high optical transmissivity for wavelengths longer than silicon’s 1050 nm band gap, rendering silicon wafers transparent under such illumination. This unique optical property of SWIR radiation facilitates superior inspection outcomes of silicon wafers during the image capture process. Our ACUROS CQD SWIR Cameras and Sensors are optimally designed to leverage this phenomenon, making them an excellent choice for a multitude of silicon wafer inspection applications.

Degraded Environments

Infrared (IR) imagers use in the surveillance industry has grown 33% within the past five years. Our pioneering development of IR imaging technologies allow us to help other organizations and businesses create cost-effective products for mass production. Our services are available for collaborative work with your team to develop innovative equipment that caters your industry.

Laser Beam Profiling

Lasers are extensively used across a variety of industrial sectors due to their versatility. In applications such as high-precision measurements, surveying, telecommunications, and medical procedures like laser eye surgery, having a comprehensive understanding of a laser’s characteristics and quality is imperative to ensure optimal performance.

Security and Defense

Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) imaging technology is increasingly being adopted in the fields of security and defense due to its unique ability to penetrate challenging environmental conditions such as fog, haze, and smoke. Unlike traditional imaging systems, SWIR cameras and sensors can detect targets that are invisible to the human eye, making them an essential tool for identifying potential threats in real-time. SWIR technology is also used for laser marking and spotting applications, enabling accurate targeting and tracking of objects. These advanced features make SWIR imaging an indispensable tool for defense and security applications, allowing for effective surveillance and threat detection even in degraded environments.

Automotive SWIR Imaging

Advancements in technology are driving the integration of SWIR cameras into autonomous vehicle sensor suites. These cameras will image obscured environments, and actively illuminated SWIR imaging systems will provide high-resolution imaging of objects on and around roadways. SWIR sensors will emerge as a critical component of IR headlights, surpassing the capabilities of other sensors in detecting objects. This integration will not only enhance driving safety but also pave the way for the future of autonomous vehicles.

Consumer Electronics

The newest electronics devices, such as smartphones, have infrared sensors for motion detection and facial recognition using 3D depth sensing. Phones and devices in the future will need SWIR sensors that operate at longer wavelengths for eye safety, solar compatibility, and long-distance imaging.

Battery Assembly Inspection

Lithium-ion battery technology is pivotal in the ongoing pursuit of mobile electrification. Improved inspection capabilities are needed to decrease costs, increase energy densities, and enhance overall safety and reliability. In this regard, Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) imaging is a solution to conduct comprehensive inspections of lithium-ion batteries.

Acuros CQD vs. Sony IMX990

The Acuros® and Sony® IMX990 sensors are considered the best of the best and lead the market in shortwave infrared (SWIR) imaging. Comparing their performance can be tricky, though, because they use different technologies and SWIR sensors are different from visible sensors. Not to worry though because we have created a point-for-point comparison to help you understand the differences between the two technologies. We continue to push the boundaries of SWIR imaging and improve the technology even further.