Acuros GO 6 MP Handheld SWIR Camera

Empowering Mobile SWIR Imaging with Cutting-Edge CQD® Sensor Technology
Acuros Go - SWIR Camera


SWIR Vision Systems to Release Industry-Leading 6 MP SWIR Sensors
SWIR Cameras

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SWIR Cameras

Acuros vs Sony

Why choose SWIR cameras with SWIR Vision Systems Acuros CQD sensors over SWIR cameras with Sony IMX990 sensors?
A Closer Look at Key Metrics and Performance
CQD SWIR Sensor Technology - image of an Acuros CQD High Definition Sensor

Laser Beam Inspection

Large Sensor Area
for Testing Flexibility
Fast 350nm-2000nm spectral response time for pulsed measurements.
SWIR Cameras

SWIR Cameras

SWIR Vision Systems has pioneered the first-ever, 2.1 megapixel, CQD® SWIR camera. The Acuros CQD is the highest resolution SWIR camera commercially available.

SWIR Cameras | Photo of 2 Acuros SWIR cameras by SWIR Vision Systems


Acuros CQD SWIR cameras deliver brilliant, high resolution images with high frame rates, high dynamic range and a broad range of exposure times.

  • 3 resolutions: 640 x 512, 1280 x 1040,  1920 x 1080
  • USB3 Vision or GigE Vision interfaces
  • C-, F-, M-42 Mount interfaces
  • Compatibility with a range of SWIR lenses
  • ITAR-Free, EAR-99 designation for ease of export
  • Software GUI for camera control
  • Pixel Non-uniformity correction
  • SDK included for user development

Acuros SWIR Cameras - 2 cameras


The Acuros SWIR cameras are the highest resolution SWIR cameras sold globally allowing users to see the finest details in the widest fields.
Acuros CQD eSWIR Camera - image of 2 cameras


These Extended SWIR cameras offer very wide band responsivity from 400 nm to 2000 nm, expanding the possibilities of imaging applications.
Laser imaging camera - image of one SWIR laser imaging camera

ACUROS CQD Laser Profiling Cameras

Designed for Laser beam profiling, these cameras host a large sensor area, low angular sensitivity, and short standoff distances.


Today the SWIR imaging market is dominated by InGaAS sensors whose fabrication method imposes limitations on pixel size, pixel spacing and sensor resolution. With the introduction of SWIR’s Acuros CQD Sensor, production is more affordable and easier to scale, without sacrificing performance.
How the IngAas sensor works. Graphic shows the layers of the Ingaas sensor


  • Lower resolution
  • Not volume scalable
  • Not cost scalable
  • Difficult to export
How the CQD SWIR Sensor works. Graphic shows the layers of the CQD SWIR sensor. CQD stands for colloidal quantum dot - it is a thin film photodiodes fabricated monolithically on silicon readout wafers


  • Higher resolution
  • Scalable to high volume
  • Scalable to very low cost
  • EAR99 for global export
SWIR Cameras
SWIR Camera: Acuros Product Details
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