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Security and Defense

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SWIR Acuros® CQD® Cameras capture images beyond the visible spectrum, allowing for detection of objects and details that are invisible to the human eye. This feature is particularly valuable in situations where stealth and concealment are critical, such as detecting camouflaged targets or hidden threats.

In addition to their imaging capabilities, SWIR Acuros CQD Cameras excel in imaging through degraded environments such as fog, haze, and smoke. They enable effective surveillance and threat detection in situations where traditional imaging technologies may fail. Our cameras are equipped with laser marking and spotting capabilities, providing precise targeting and tracking of objects in real-time.

The compact design of our SWIR Acuros CQD Cameras makes them highly portable and suitable for deployment in various settings, including field operations, border security, and surveillance systems. They are also ideal for integration with unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other mobile platforms, enabling remote monitoring and situational awareness.

SWIR Vision Systems is committed to delivering cutting-edge SWIR imaging solutions for security and defense applications. Our SWIR Acuros CQD Cameras are manufactured to meet the most demanding performance standards and are designed to provide reliable, high-quality imaging in even the most challenging environments.

SWIR Laser Mark

Acuros 1920-GigE-001 imaging 1.5 µm laser spot on a NATO test target at 2000 meters.
Full resolution image with RGB camera and SWIR image cropped to highlight region of interest.