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Acuros® SWIR Camera

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acuros camerasAcuros® CQD® SWIR cameras provide high-resolution imaging and sensing capabilities across the visible, near-infrared (NIR), and shortwave infrared (SWIR) spectrum. The cameras are built using SWIR Vision System’s CQD photodiode sensors with spectral response from 400 nm to 1700 nm. They feature high rates, global shutter operation, and up to 70 dB of dynamic range.

Acuros CQD SWIR cameras are designed to meet the imaging requirements of demanding industrial applications. They provide system integrators, vision solution providers, and end users the flexibility of programmable frame time, exposure time, gain modes, window modes, binning modes, and more. Designed for use in multi-tool imaging systems they can be operated with an internal clock or can be externally triggered via software or a hardware TTL trigger input.

The family of Acuros cameras is available with three different resolution sensor options:
– High definition 2.1 MP, 1920 x 1080 format sensor
– 1.2 MP, 1280 x 1024 format sensor
– VGA, 640 x 512 format sensor

They are purchased with either a USB3 or a GigE Vision data interface.

While InGaAs SWIR cameras, such as the Sony IMX990, are generally constrained to VGA and 1.2 MP sensor formats, our pioneering CQD sensor technology enables 2.1 megapixel, full-HD resolution, the first commercially available SWIR product of its kind. Inherently lower cost CQD sensor processing enables lower costs per megapixel than comparable InGaAs SWIR Cameras.

All of the Acuros cameras have an EAR-99 export classification which requires no license for export globally. This makes them the ideal choice for integration in global, multinational supply chains and manufacturing operations.


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  • 640 x 512, 1280 x 1024, 1920 x 1080
  • TEC cooling for low noise
  • Full Visible-to-SWIR bandwidth
  • USB3 Vision, GigE Vision interfaces
  • Compatible with range of SWIR lenses
  • Software GUI for camera control
  • Pixel non-uniformity correction
  • SDK included for user development


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Camera ModelImageDocResolutionMegapixelInterfaceTECShutterMax Frame RatePixels (µm)Visible-SWIRLens Mounts
Acuros® 640 GigE 001 SWIR Camera640 gige camera 75hpdf downloadPDF640 x 5120.33GigETECGlobal270 fps15 x 15400-1700nmC,F, M-42
Acuros® 640 USB 001 SWIR Camera 640 gige camera 75hpdf downloadPDF640 x 5120.33USBTECGlobal270 fps15 x 15400-1700nmC,F, M-42
Acuros® 1280 GigE 001 SWIR Camera 1280 gige camera 75hpdf downloadPDF1280 x 10241.31GigETECGlobal88 fps15 x 15400-1700nmC,F, M-42
Acuros® 1280 USB 001 SWIR Camera 1280 gige camera 75hpdf downloadPDF1280 x 10241.31USBTECGlobal88 fps15 x 15400-1700nmC,F, M-42
Acuros® 1920 GigE 001 SWIR Camera 1920 gige camerapdf downloadPDF1920 x 10802.07GigETECGlobal58 fps15 x 15400-1700nmF, M-42
Acuros® 1920 USB 001 SWIR Camera1920 gige camerapdf downloadPDF1920 x 10802.07USBTECGlobal58 fps15 x 15400-1700nmF, M-42
eSWIR Cameras
eSWIR CameradocumentsWEB1920 x 10800.33 to 2.07USBTECGlobal58 - 270 fps15 x 15400-2000nmC,F, M-42
Acuros® CQD®
L-Series Cameras
swir laser cameradocumentsWEB1920 x 10800.33 to 2.07USB &
TECGlobal58 - 270 fps15 x 15400-2000nm
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CQD® Sensors

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Learn more about the power of SWIR Vision System’s broadband and image sensor technology.

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SWIR Lenses

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Dozens of SWIR lenses that have been designed for use with InGaAs SWIR cameras are available.