Acuros CDQ SWIR cameras deliver brilliant, high resolution images with high frame rates, high dynamic range and a broad range of exposure times.

  • 3 resolutions: 640 x 512, 1280 x 1040,  1920 x 1080
  • USB3 Vision or GigE Vision interfaces
  • C-, F-, M-42 Mount interfaces
  • Compatibility with a range of SWIR lenses
  • ITAR-Free, EAR-99 designation for ease of export
  • Software GUI for camera control
  • Pixel Non-uniformity correction
  • SDK included for user development
standard swir

ACUROS CQD Standard SWIR Cameras

The Acuros standard SWIR cameras are the highest resolution shortwave infrared cameras sold globally allowing users to see the finest details in the widest fields.



These Extended SWIR cameras offer very wide band responsively from 400 nm to 2000 nm, expanding the possibilities of shortwave infrared imaging applications​.

Laser imaging camera swir visioning 2

ACUROS CQD Laser Imaging Cameras

Designed for laser beam profiling, these cameras host a large infrared sensor area, low angular sensitivity, and short standoff distances.

swir lenses 1

SWIR Lenses

SWIR offers a variety of compatible lenses for Acuros Cameras. This includes lenses with broad wavelengths, large sensor areas, varying focal lengths and working distances.

Acuros CQD Sensor1

CQD Sensor Technology

Learn more about SWIR Vision System’s colloidal quantum dot (CQD) Sensors and how they compare to InGaAs sensors.

Customized Requirements?

SWIR Vision works with our customers to develop and supply advanced CQD® sensors and custom camera cores. We welcome discussion on your custom requirements.

Contact our team at sales@swirvisionsystems.com to discuss your applications and requirements.