Acuros® GO

Introducing the Acuros GO – our portable, battery powered SWIR camera. Showcasing SWIR Vision Systems’ cutting-edge high-resolution CQD SWIR sensor technology, the Acuros GO is a dynamic, handheld camera designed for versatility in the field.

Acuros GO 6 MP SWIR camera can:

  • Image through smoke, haze, rain, mist, snow
  • Detect infrared lasers from up to 2100 nm
  • Image through plastics
  • Infrared imaging through glass
  • Detect moisture, sugar content, hydrocarbons, and other infrared chemical signatures 
  • Produce high-resolution monochrome NIR and SWIR stills and videos

The Acuros GO opens a new world of photographic opportunities with the portable Vis-NIR-SWIR CQD sensor!

Acuros GO Camera by SWIR Vision Systems - front

Acuros GO: You can take it anywhere!

Best-in-class: SWIR imaging at 3K x 2K, 6.3 MP, 7 mm pixel pitch photos

Portable: Light weight, battery powered, untethered, ‘SLR-like’ mirrorless digital handheld camera

Ruggedized: IP65 rated, tough, water-proof, field deployable, drone mountable

Easy-to-use: Intuitive point-and-shoot, ergonomic, touch-screen GUI, SD Card storage, OTS lenses and IR filters

Versatile imaging:  Snapshot global shutter, 30 fps for video capture, digital zoom, auto-exposure/auto-gain controls, micro-HDMI interface port

Exportable:  EAR-99 export designation (rare for SWIR cameras) – enables global distribution

Acuros GO Camera by SWIR VIsion Systems - back of camera

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