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Acuros® eSWIR Camera

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acuros camerasAcuros® CQD® extended SWIR (eSWIR) cameras provide high resolution imaging and sensing capabilities utilizing a CQD sensor array with an extended shortwave infrared spectral response spanning 400 nm to 2100 nm. These cameras share a common feature set with the standard Acuros cameras. They come with the same resolution options, well depths, and camera features.

The extended SWIR photodiodes that SWIR Vision System builds for these sensors have room temperature dark current densities in the 5 nA/cm2 range. This results in excellent noise performance without the deep cooling found in traditional extended SWIR cameras made with InSb, HgCdTe, or Type II Superlattice detectors.

The family of Acuros eSWIR cameras are available with three different resolution sensor options: 

– High definition 2.1 MP, 1920 x 1080 format sensor
– 1.2 MP, 1280 x 1024 format sensor
– VGA, 640 x 512 format sensor

They be purchased with either a USB3 or a GigE Vision data interface.

Competitive InGaAs cameras, such as the Sony IMX990, cannot typically extend their responsitivity beyond 1700nm, nor can InGaAs cameras practically achieve full-HD capability in any wavelength band. Mercury Cadmium Telluride (HgCdTe) based extended SWIR cameras are lower resolution than CQD cameras, are prohibitively expensive, and require bulky, multi-stage cooling systems. World-class detectivity and dark noise performance for cameras operating in this band are achieved at room temperature. Broadband sensitivity and low noise are achieved via specialized process engineering of the company’s Acuros CQD quantum dot materials. The Acuros CQD eSWIR cameras with single-stage thermo-electric coolers (TECs) exhibit sensitivity superior to most traditional epitaxial infrared sensors in the 1600 – 2000nm band.

All Acuros eSWIR cameras have an EAR-99 export classification which requires no license for export globally. This makes them the ideal choice for integration in global, multinational supply chains and manufacturing operations.


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  • 640 x 512, 1280 x 1024, 1920 x 1080
  • TEC cooling for low noise
  • Full Visible-to-eSWIR bandwidth
  • USB3 Vision, GigE Vision interfaces
  • Compatible with range of SWIR lenses
  • Software GUI for camera control
  • Pixel non-uniformity correction
  • SDK included for user development


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Camera ModelImageDocResolutionMegapixelInterfaceTECShutterMax Frame RatePixels (µm)Visible-eSWIRLens Mounts
Acuros® 640 GigE 002 eSWIR Camera
640 gige camera 75hpdf downloadPDF640 x 5120.33GigETECGlobal270 fps15 x 15400-2000nmC,F, M-42
Acuros® 640 USB 002 eSWIR Camera
640 gige camera 75hpdf downloadPDF640 x 5120.33USBTECGlobal270 fps15 x 15400-2000nmC,F, M-42
Acuros® 1280 GigE 002 eSWIR Camera
1280 gige camera 75hpdf downloadPDF1280 x 10241.31GigETECGlobal88 fps15 x 15400-2000nmC,F, M-42
Acuros® 1280 USB 002 eSWIR Camera1280 gige camera 75hpdf downloadPDF1280 x 10241.31USBTECGlobal88 fps15 x 15400-2000nmC,F, M-42
Acuros® 1920 GigE 002 eSWIR Camera1920 gige camerapdf downloadPDF1920 x 10802.07GigETECGlobal58 fps15 x 15400-2000nmF, M-42
Acuros® 1920 USB 002 eSWIR Camera1920 gige camerapdf downloadPDF1920 x 10802.07USBTECGlobal58 fps15 x 15400-2000nmF, M-42
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CQD® Sensors

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Learn more about the power of our broadband and image sensor technology

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Swir Lenses

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Dozens of SWIR lenses that have been designed for use with InGaAs SWIR cameras are available.