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Extended SWIR (eSWIR) High Performance and High Definition Colloidal Quantum Dot Imagers Whitepaper

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CQD sensors exhibit sensitivity superior to traditional IR sensors employed in the 1600-2000nm band, enabling the first commercially available room temperature 2.1MP camera with sensitivity to 2.0 micron.

We summarize CQD ® sensor technology, introduce eSWIR imaging technologies, and then present, for the first time, solution processed colloidal quantum dot extended short wavelength infrared (eSWIR) 1920 x 1080 format cameras sensitive from 300 nm to 2000 nm wavelengths at a pitch of 15 microns. We describe the performance of this high-definition imager using a EMVA1288 machine vision testing approach and demonstrate pixel detectivities of 1×10^12 Jones and 32 fA of dark current when operating at room temperature [1]. These results show this monolithically integrated detector technology has sensitivity superior to most traditional epitaxial IR sensors used in the 1700 to 2100 nm band [2]. The straightforward and scalable fabrication processes employed have enabled the first commercially available room temperature 2.1 MP camera with sensitivity out to 2.0 µm.

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SWIR band cameras are already deployed to inspect Silicon wafers and semiconductor die for void and edge defects. The technology is also used to detect moisture levels in packaged products, thickness and void detection on clear coat films, glass bottle imaging, bruise detection in fruits and vegetables, inspection of lumber products, detection of water/oil on metal parts, imaging through smoke and mist environments, surveillance and security monitoring, crop monitoring, glucose monitoring and many more applications. High resolution eSWIR imagers are also expected to enhance existing applications and open up many more applications including [4,5]:

  • Chemical inspection
  • Hydrocarbon and gas detection
  • Plastic sorting
  • High speed thermal imaging
  • Medical imaging
  • Long range imaging through summer haze, maritime haze, and fine dust for automotive, surveillance and agricultural applications
  • Wafer defect inspection
  • Laser beam profiling
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