Degraded Environments

Long Distance, Maritime, and Outdoor Monitoring SWIR Imaging

Long-distance, maritime, and outdoor monitoring applications require SWIR cameras that deliver high-resolution SWIR imaging. They also need cameras that aid imaging through obscured atmosphere environments. The Acuros® CQD® 1920 SWIR cameras meet this challenge with the world’s only commercially available full HD sensor array. InGaAs SWIR cameras are typically designed for only 640×512 VGA resolutions. Review the specifications of this full HD Camera, and contact SWIR Vision to discuss your shortwave infrared imaging needs.

Applications of SWIR in Degraded Environments

The utilization of IR imagers in the surveillance field has increased by 33% in the past five years. Our breakthrough technology has helped drive the evolution of infrared (IR) imaging technologies toward new, low-cost products that make mass deployment much more feasible than early-generation technologies. We can work with your team to assist in the development of innovative equipment to meet the needs of professionals working out in the field.

Surveillance and Reconnaissance

While thermal surveillance cameras are primarily used to detect presence, an IR camera may, based on the situation, be used to identify people since the IR image of the human face displays its unique heat signature. IR images are superior to visible light images. They can improve algorithms used for face recognition since IR images demonstrate consistency even under extremely dark conditions when using SWIR cameras in conjunction with a range of illumination options.

SWIR image
RGB image
RGB camera image and Full HD SWIR image of 26 mile distant city through summertime haze

Cameras with built-in infrared capabilities can be used for complete, stand-alone surveillance or as part of a complex surveillance system. The range for a camera equipped with IR illumination depends on lens size and how far the light can reach. These cameras can be equipped for nighttime outdoor use, plus they have the advantage of imaging through glass surfaces.

In areas where the artificial white light is limited or too disruptive, IR illumination provides a method of surveillance despite low-light conditions.

Law Enforcement

SWIR imaging devices can deliver incredibly effective results for on-the-job law enforcement officers. Infrared imaging can allow law enforcement officers to more effectively navigate and monitor the scene during the nighttime or inclimate weather emergencies. Therefore, it is probably not surprising that one of the leading adopters of IR tech is the law enforcement community in the United States. The development of manufacturing advancements that allow the production of images at a lower cost and with high performance; and the growing acceptance for IR technology in the law enforcement community across the USA. as well as around the world, have contributed to this growth.

Border and Maritime Patrol

The US continues to work to improve its border security at crossings, airports, and other entry points with biometrics enabled by SWIR technology playing a significant role. The majority of identification is conducted using facial recognition and photo matching, given that it is much more efficient at dealing with large numbers of individuals en masse. Plus our SWIR imaging  solutions excel at seeing through obscure outdoor environmental conditions. SWIR technology provides an excellent first line of defense for border patrol and maritime surveillance needs.

Military Fleets

We can help you equip your military vehicles, from general supply fleets to your field equipment – such as tanks, drones, jets, and airplanes – with the ability to safely drive or fly through inclimate situations on the ground, in the water, or in the air. 

As the technology advances, some vehicles can be completely equipped for autonomous driving and flying capabilities using our advanced SWIR technologies for navigating in obscured outdoor environments, whether terrestrial, in the water, or in the atmosphere.

First Responders

When outdoor rescue conditions are degraded by environmental haze or other obscuring visual issues, our SWIR shortwave infrared cameras and sensors can help. 

Equip fire fighters to work through smoke-filled haze with our top of line camera components embedded into smart products that are easy to use.

Maritime rescuers can benefit from SWIR product innovations since our world-class technology allows for visual imaging through water and hazy outdoor conditions.

Air rescue teams will benefit from our imaging for degraded environments given that our component products offer high resolution imaging that helps identify humans against vast backgrounds via NIR and SWIR imaging.

Autonomous Consumer Vehicles

SWIR technology will enable the next generation of automobiles with autonomous driving capabilities. In the present generation, it enables safer driving by helping drivers see pedestrians while providing a clearer view of the road whether or not the view is obscured by fog, smoke, or heavy rain. The accuracy of our imaging is unmatched by other technologies in terms of quality.

Are you an automotive producer seeking a better visual solution to improve the safety and therefore popularity of your car or truck line? We are here to work with you on innovative autonomous driving solutions – reach out today.