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High-Definition Broad-band Visible-SWIR Sensors for Laser Mark Detection

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The side-by-side comparison between SWIR Vision Systems’ Acuros CQD SWIR Camera and a commercially available InGaAs camera demonstrates the utility of CQD detector technology. It shows promise to differentiate and maintain an advantage over adversaries by delivering higher resolution imagery and the ability to detect longer wavelengths than traditional IR detector technologies.

Shortwave infrared (SWIR) sensors are a key component of modern-day laser designation and surveillance systems; allowing the warfighter to covertly acquire and target adversaries with common infrared laser wavelengths including 1064nm and 1550nm. SWIR Vision Systems builds high-resolution sensors using colloidal quantum dot (CQD®) photodiodes sensitive across the spectral band from 400 to 2000 nm. CQD® technology provides the ability to image common designation lasers while simultaneously offering the benefits of high-pixel-count imagers – including wide fields of view and more pixels on target. To demonstrate the utility of the CQD® detector technology for this application, SWIR Vision has carried out tests imaging short pulse lasers in outdoor environments using its Acuros® HD camera. These tests were carried out side-by-side with a commercially available InGaAs camera. This paper will show the results of this testing and provide a comparison of the performance, range, and pulse-power requirements for designation applications using CQD® and InGaAs technology. As the importance of SWIR laser designator systems in the modern battlespace continues to grow, SWIR CQD® technology shows promise to differentiate and maintain an advantage over our adversaries both with higher resolution imagery as well as the ability to detect wavelengths longer than what has traditionally been possible by traditional IR detector technologies.
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