SWIR Vision Systems Acuros® vs Sony® IMX990: A Closer Look at Key Metrics and Performance Whitepaper

CQD vs Sony IMX990 Sensors

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How do SWIR Vision’s Acuros® CQD® SWIR Sensors Compare to Sony’s® IMX990 Sensors?
These top-two sensor solutions now represent the state-of-the-art for SWIR sensing. SWIR Vision Systems has developed modeling tools in order to make side-by-side performance comparisons for the two devices. The modeling indicates that SWIR Vision’s Acuros CQD sensors can deliver substantial advantages for the key metrics that define image quality, namely image resolution, Signal-to-Noise Ratio (SNR) and Dynamic Range (DR) for a broad range of imaging conditions.

CQD SWIR Sensor Technology - image of an Acuros CQD High Definition Sensor


SWIR band cameras are already deployed to inspect Silicon wafers and semiconductor die for void and edge defects. The technology is also used to detect moisture levels in packaged products, thickness and void detection on clear coat films, glass bottle imaging, bruise detection in fruits and vegetables, inspection of lumber products, detection of water/oil on metal parts, imaging through smoke and mist environments, surveillance and security monitoring, crop monitoring, glucose monitoring and many more applications. High resolution eSWIR imagers are also expected to enhance existing applications and open up many more applications including [4,5]:
  • Chemical inspection
  • Hydrocarbon and gas detection
  • Plastic sorting
  • High speed thermal imaging
  • Medical imaging
  • Long range imaging through summer haze, maritime haze, and fine dust for automotive, surveillance and agricultural applications
  • Wafer defect inspection
  • Laser beam profiling