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Colloidal Quantum Dot Photodetectors for Large Format NIR, SWIR, and eSWIR Imaging Arrays

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SWIR presents an overview of the CQD detector technology offered in SWIRs family of high resolution SWIR and eSWIR cameras. These devices are being utilized for laser profiling, semiconductor inspection, long range outdoor imaging, and other machine vision applications.

SWIR Vision Systems, the first company globally to commercialize high resolution, quantum-dot based image sensors in 2019. SWIR has continued to advance the performance of its colloidal quantum dot detector architecture, which includes demonstrating detectors with 940 nm QE’s > 50% and extended wavelength eSWIR detectors with spectral response from 350 nm to 2100 nm. This paper provides an overview of SWIR’s approach to fabricating focal plane arrays, reviews recent results fabricating Vis-SWIR and eSWIR CQD® detector arrays, and presents imaging demonstrations of these sensors in a variety of applications.

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